Review: Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Our society is so inundated with plastic packaging that it’s often difficult to find alternatives.

When I decided to switch to shampoo and conditioner bars, I thought I’d have to conduct an in-depth research and order online, as I’ve had to with other sustainable products. But I was delighted when a huge company like Lush popped up on my search results!

I adore Lush’s haircare: plastic-free, vegetarian/against animal testing, and made with ethically sourced ingredients. Also, they’re pretty gorgeous.

My first shampoo bar was called Seanik, made with lemon oil and seaweed, which I couldn’t have loved more. I also tried the Big conditioner bar, made with coconut oil and sea salt, which I wasn’t a big fan of. It was difficult to lather and distribute evenly. I gradually used less and less, and altogether stopped using conditioner.

The shampoo bar lasted about four months, so it was along anticipation before I tried Montalbano, made with fresh lemon juice and olives.

When you’re trying to have a selfie-shoot but a stalk of grass keeps trying to kiss you….

I’ll never go back to liquid shampoo or conditioner!